Kev Hartie

Kev Hartie

Kevin Hartie was playing on the right wing for Campion RFC 1st XV on Saturday 12 February 2000 in a London North East Division III fixture against Canvey Island. Towards the end of what was a good natured and competitive game, Kevin picked up the ball in open play and, as was his want, ran at the Canvey Island back line. He was tackled. The tackle looked innocuous. The sort of tackle that any one of us might make or be involved in any number of times throughout any match. Only the consequences of this tackle were very serious. Kevin sustained a high neck injury resulting in paralysis of both upper and lower limbs.

Kevin was immediately admitted into Oldchurch Hospital ITU ward and subsequentlythe Spinal Injuries Unit at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, St. George's Ward, on 26 April 2000.

MRI scans - which show detailed infrastructure of tissue configuration - of his spinal cord, indicate that the extent of Kevin's injury is clinically very severe. He has some control over his upper limbs and shoulders but cannot move his legs.

He was discharged from Stoke Mandeville in September 2000 and has been living independently at his adapted home in Gidea Park in Essex since 2008.

Kevin’s life has been well documented on line including the Masters In Psychology which he achieved from the University of East London in 2010 (Romford Recorder), his work with the Matt Hampson Foundation ((Matt Hampson Foundation)) his Phd in2015 (Phd Paper), his voluntary work (Back Up), and his progression to becoming a Counsellor (Elephant Sport) and (Counselling Directory) .

Campion RFC is committed to raising money and awareness of Kevin’s situation. We have made various appeals to the wider Rugby community, undertaken collections at various fixtures, played a match against an ex-International XV on 17 August 2000 and held an annual Golf Day every year since the 12 February 2000.

The emphasis of our appeal has been fairly direct. In all probability, anybody who has taken time to access our website and read this page has at one time or still does play rugby - in other circumstances this could be you. Your Club might be making a similar appeal on your behalf and you would hope for a positive response.

As a Club we need the support of our sporting community. Rugby gives us all so much from playing, watching our children play, to sharing success and failure as a team, to socialising, touring, friendships and much more. This, in a way, is a chance to give something back. We take all these benefits and opportunities for granted. The success of our various appeals and money raising efforts gives Kevin an assurance of the support of his wider Rugby community.

Any queries regarding Kevin and the Trust Fund should be directed to:

Thank you for your time in reading this piece, we look forward to hearing from you.