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1. Club Membership

Memberships Season 2020/21

Campion Rugby Football Club is a community-based volunteer organisation promoting rugby, rugby culture and lifelong participation in sport. We are an Open club and actively seek to engage with and include all members of society. We actively encourage all who attend or follow the Club on a regular basis to show their support of our voluntary status and subscribe to any one of our membership plans.

Membership gives You an opportunity to personally invest in Your Club

Campion RFC is an amateur club that primarily exists to provide facilities for the sport of rugby at both adult and youth level. The provision of these facilities to cater for two adult teams and an expanding youth structure costs money. As a Club we don’t pay our players to pull on the Campion jersey, yet we want to provide the best coaching and playing experiences and the right conditioning and medical support for all our adult and youth players and improve our facilities for all our members and supporters.

Membership fees exist for all participants to pay towards the costs of providing rugby at Campion RFC. Whether you are a player, officer, volunteer, spectator or follower, the Club needs all strands to come together to support and grow the Club in its collective rugby and social activities.

The Club aspires to grow and develop the number of player participants and has a desire to field a youth team at every grade from U12 through to U18. This creates the need to grow revenues over and above our operating costs to create funds for investment in coaching, equipment, player welfare and the Club’s future development.

Currently the Club is overly reliant on a small membership base and bar profits just to cover our operating costs. We have not over the years been able to build sufficient reserves to invest in the Club’s development or to fall back on in exceptional circumstances such as the Covid-19 crisis.

Other revenue streams include Sponsorship, Grants, Donations and the hiring of our facilities for non-rugby related functions, all of which are required, together with membership income to cover operating costs and provide headroom to invest in the Club’s future development. The higher our membership numbers are the greater our credibility is in securing sponsorship and grants and with better facilities the more income we can generate from non-rugby related activities.

Your Membership is vital to our success. Becoming a member will give you an increased sense of belonging and camaraderie, the enjoyment of being part of the Club and the value it gives in investing in our adult and youth teams.