The Club Lottery is another form of fundraising for the Club and is operated under the rules for private society lotteries . The Club does not require a licence from the Gambling Commission or any local authority to operate the lottery but does follow the rules set out in the Gambling Act 2005.

Small Society Lottery rules require the Club to limit annual ticket sales to £20,000, sell tickets only to members, not sell tickets outside the Club premises [selling tickets to non members who are on the Club premises is permitted] and not advertise the lottery. The lottery cannot involve a roll over of prizes from one draw to another.

Effective 1st October 2020, all paying Members are automatically granted free entry into the Lottery as part of their membership benefits. Members, aged 18 and over, can buy an extra number by paying £2.50 a month [£30 annually] by standing order. There is no restriction on how many extra numbers a member can buy.

Each member is allocated a permanent number and entered into a monthly draw. The monthly draw will take place on the first Saturday of every month at the Club. Each month three numbers will be selected at random to win monetary prizes.

Winners will be identified at the Club on the day of the monthly draw and subsequently notified. Winners details will be posted on the website. Winnings will be primarily paid by cheque or bank transfer. Cash payments will not be permitted.

Members can purchase additional tickets for the Campion RFC Club Lottery by requesting a Lottery Application Form from

Full details can be found on the below document.


Club Lottery